At Studio N°88, we use and recommend Termageddon for site policies, as it will auto update your policies as the laws change. That way, you're always in compliance (and don't need to keep manually updating these pages - blegh). 

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Privacy Policy

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More than likely, your website will require some legal policies. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you have all the required policies based on your location and industry.

Here are a few you might need:

Privacy Policy - this tells your visitors what personal information you collect on your website and what do you do with it.

Terms & Conditions – this explains the behavior that you expect from your visitors and what they can expect from you.

Copyright Notice – this informs your visitors that the content on your website is legally yours and they don’t have the right to use it without your permission.

Payment Terms (e-commerce) – this is required if you take any form of payment through your website and outline how you process payments and what your Refund & Return policy is (can be part of your Terms & Conditions).

You can learn more about legal policies for your website over at Termageddon!

Do I Even Need Policies for My Site?!