Wedding Photographer

Marine corps veteran turned

I'm Jessica! I was born and raised in Mid-Michigan. Now, I live in Lubbock with my Husband and our children, Kendal and Koen. 

I started photography in 2015 initially as a way to be able to spend more time with my daughter. I photographed my first wedding in 2017 -- I was hooked. I knew I wanted to capture memories and preserve potentially missed moments from one of the most important days of my clients lives.

I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2009, shortly after graduating from high school. On a deployment in 2010, I fell ten feet off of a helicopter onto a metal box. I dislocated three ribs and rotated two of the vertebrae in my neck.

Subsequently ending my military career.


In 2012, I officially EAS'd from the Marine Corps and married my Husband, Andrew. Andrew was stationed in Japan, so I went and spent a few months in Japan with him before enrolling in college. 


In 2015, our daughter Kendal was born. I was still a full time student at Texas Tech and was pursuing a degree in Sports Management. At the time my goal was to work for Tech Athletics in Event Management. I also started photography this year!


In 2017, I graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelors degree in Sports Management. This was also when I photographed my first wedding. I loved every minute. I spent two years up to that point refining my skills but once I took the leap into weddings, I finally knew what I wanted to do! 


After six years photographing weddings I have continued to refine my skills and photograph about 25 weddings a year. I currently specialize in classic and timeless wedding photography with an emphasis on providing the best possible client experience.

I love that I am able to provide for my family while being able to document some of the most important moments in my clients lives.


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