Emily Cisneros and Bernard Castaneda

Ransom Canyon Chapel – Ransom Canyon, Texas

Engagement Session

November 9th, 2019


Emily and Bernard radiate love. Spending such a short time with the two of them it was obvious how deeply routed their feelings toward each other were. Emily is student teaching here in Lubbock, Texas and Bernard is a youth minister in the Dallas area. This means currently, they are spending the next year or so in a long distance relationship. Having spent the first two years of marriage in different countries myself, I know how difficult any amount of distance can be. At the same time, distance truly means nothing when you know how sweet the lifetime together will be. Emily and Bernard are going to prosper and grow during this season.

Emily discussed that she wanted to have fall colors and trees in her engagement photos as we discussed potential locations. We decided on the chapel garden and grounds of the Ransom Canyon Chapel in Ransom Canyon, Texas. If you have not been to Ransom Canyon and you are local to Lubbock, I highly suggest you take a drive out and see the scenery. We spent the hour admiring the beauty of the grounds and the quiet serenity of the isolated location. The beautiful bouquet and hairpiece were made by Tori Anderson who has recently started her own floral business here in Lubbock. Here is the link to her instagram.

The Ransom Canyon Chapel grounds are open to anyone who wants to go and walk around. However, if you are wanting photos taken you will have to fill out a liability form and pay a $50 fee. This fee is apart of how the chapel is funded, if you need to contact Cherie you can click here!

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